• 2013/09/09

    Das atividades do projeto TRANSCREATIVA, co-financiado pelo programa InterREG IV B SUDOE (SOE3/P1/E529) da União Europeia, faz parte a realização de um estudo quantitativo e de um estudo qualitativo, para mapeamento, em diferentes dimensões, dos sectores das ICCs, considerados estratégicos...
  • 2013/04/10

    Sinnergiak will present one of its projects, Transcreativa, at the meeting point where over 100 business transforming proposals related with CCI are proposed to potential investors, promoting a network of collaboration and training among participants on 11 and 12 April of 2013 at the...
  • 2013/04/08

    Under the watchful eye of the “Consolidating the Steps Towards the “Creative Europe” Programme: new funding methods and uses and habits in the Cultural and Creative sector, seminar proposed by the Basque Country Delegation for the European Union, and whose objective was to examine the new...
  • 2013/04/07

    The project lead by Sinnergiak Social Innovation – University of the Basque Country, along with its partners in the Basque Country, Aquitaine and Coimbra was presented on 30 November 2012 in the Santamaría building Auditorium at the Donostiarra Campus in Ibaeta. Agents of the CCI sector,...