Transcreativa project working meeting

The purpose of the TRANSCREATIVA project is to position the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) within the SUDOE space as a good European practice capable of combining economic development (technology transfer) and social cohesion (entrepreneurship and improve the employability of unemployed youth).

TRANSCREATIVA is a European project lead by Sinnergiak Social Innovation (University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea), financed by the European Union’s Interreg IV B SUDOE Programme (SOE3/P1/E529).


The TRANSCREATIVA project is structured into six principle actions.

  • RESEARCH: Create a strategic map of the CCI sector. Research activity whose purpose is to map the regional structure of the CCI and produce a three-dimensional map on the profile of the organizations in the sector: technological capacities, innovative competencies and development strategies.
  • INVOLVEMENT: Develop 3 Creative Poles (in each region) linked by a trans-regional Virtual Hub. Social intervention activity oriented at three complimentary objectives.
    1. Creation of learning spaces for competencies to improve employability and social capital of youth on unemployment.
    2. Develop pilot experiences to create new organisations in the CCI sector propelled by unemployed youth (technology companies, co-ops and social companies).
    3. Structure a field of prototyping and transfer of technology to regional companies in the CCI sector.
  • TRANSFER: Develop technological prototypes. Activity oriented at the technology transfer to companies in the CCI sector to improve their regional positioning and competitiveness.
  • DISSEMINATE: Disseminate the results of the project by means of different channels: academic articles, reports on regional policies, activity reports, press notices, social networks and regional and trans-regional workshops.
  • SCALE: Formalise the actions of the project as a good practice in the boost for economic development with social cohesion at a regional level and escalate the main actions to other European regions.
  • EVALUATE: Evaluate the activities realised by the project and its impact. Activity oriented at the development of a project monitoring system and social impact (employability of youth), corporate impact (creation of new organisations and technology transfer), and a strategy to escalate the project to other European regions.

Expected outputs

  • Identify the strategic sectors of the CCI in each region as well as its innovative dynamics, technological capacities and development strategies. Elaborate 6 academic documents to understand the dynamics of the sector and 1 document of public policies to promote CCI in regions implied in the project.
  • Create 3 regional creative poles and one virtual hub as a space of learning and transfer which integrates unemployed youth, companies in the CCI sector, public institutions, universities and technology agents in several practices.
  • Develop 6 technological prototypes, implicate 90 companies in the CCI sector in this prototyping process and promote the creation of 12 new organisations lead by unemployed youth.
  • Develop 3 training modules for competences (employability) as a learning space for 240 unemployed youth in the three regions responsible for the project.
  • Develop 1 capitalisation strategy for the creative poles and scale its principle actions towards other European regions.